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Here's a collection of more brand identities from recent projects.


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Logo and Brand Elements


Pennant is a custom-branded streaming video platform for music, theater, and the arts that puts artists and musicians in control of their content and revenue while live performances aren't an option. Created as an in-house project for an agency I frequently collaborate with,, we created a brand and landing page (designed & built with Webflow.)

Logo and Brand Pattern


Reia is building a suite of women's health products by redesigning lesser-known yet widely used devices to suit the needs of today's women. Their first product is a non-surgical treatment for pelvic organ prolapse. Reia was formed through a common dissatisfaction with the current treatment options and a passion for improving the lives of women.

Logo and Brand Pattern


Cannect is a Canadian lending company that helps homeowners borrow for less. They needed a new identity that was much more unique and iconic than their previous one, and we created tons of options that fit their brand perfectly.

Logo and Mark


Thread is a social app that helps users share and engage with content they're interested in. They were looking for a subtly clever but simple and refined logo for their new and growing brand, so the 'th' in the wordmark creates their own speech bubble.

Logo and Brand Pattern

Wilson Law Office

Wilson Law Office is a team of lawyers that's experienced and successful. Their old logo didn't convey that, though, so they needed a fresh look that would elevate the brand. We created a sharp, sleek brand that felt both bold and premium.

Logo and Brand Pattern

Bootstrap Coffee Roasters

Bootstrap Coffee Roasters is a St. Paul-based, hardworking team that sources and roasts some of the best specialty coffee in Minneapolis. They were looking for a bold, weathered look that speaks to the blue collar nature of the brand, and an illustration style that is fun and young, but with a bit of texture. Oh, and they roast some of the best coffee, I recommend you order some now.

Logo and Mark

Interact Center for Visual & Performing Arts

Interact Center for Visual and Performing Arts is an arts center for adults with disabilities located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. They were looking for a logo that speaks to the bright, warm nature of their community and feels welcoming and just a touch artsy.

Logo and Brand Pattern

Darling Doula

The Darling Doula is Minnesota-based doula with a focus on holistic health and natural rituals and remedies. We created a slightly nostalgic, retro badge style logo with custom type, as well as a fun, geometric baby quilt inspired pattern for use on branded materials.

Logo and Mark

Reliable Bud

Reliable Bud is a New York-based event company that organizes events around the use of cannabis products. Their goal as a company is to reduce the stigma of cannabis usage. The logo is fun, approachable and modern and vastly different from other brands that usually feel either intimidating or unprofessional.

Logo and Brand Pattern


Ravel is a tool for teams that aggregates information, like feedback and comments, from the large number of tools they may use to organize them all in one place. They were looking for a logo with a unique mark that felt modern, bold and friendly.